Home Care Services

Home care covers a broad range of services that are performed within a patient's residence. Both patients and physicians agree that being in familiar surroundings with one-on-one care often provides a much healthier environment for recovery.

The scope of services offered can range from assistance with everyday activities, such as getting out of bed, light housekeeping, and meal preparation to skilled care from Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) or Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapists. Care plans are created in cooperation with the patient, the patient's doctor, family members of the patient, as well as the agency. Each care plan is carefully tailored to suit the overall needs of the patient in their particular environment.

Utopia Home Care offers the following home care services:

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The very concept of home care is one that is rooted in the most basic human need – that of independence, familiar surroundings and the companionship of caring individuals. Home care is a cost-effective means of providing skilled professional services to patients in a comfortable environment.

Welcoming a stranger into your home to help you or a loved one in a fragile physical state is no easy task. With Utopia, you can rest assured knowing that we can provide the care you require – and that we have the accreditations, insurance, and means to provide your care in a safe and efficient manner.