Live-In Aides

Your Care, Your Schedule - Please Call:  203-466-3050

Utopia Home Care live-in aide services are flexible, to meet the needs of each client's specific situation and provide comprehensive care that has no schedule but yours

  • Care Plan Design – A Utopia representative will meet with you and your family to review services, payer options, and identify desired traits in one of our licensed and bonded caregivers.
  • Continuity of Care – Aides remain in the client’s home 24 hours a day, providing assistance when needed.
  • Cost Effective – Live-in aide services are a cost-effective alternative to institutionalized care.
  • Guaranteed Coverage – Transportation is provided to and from cases.


  • Bathing – Shower, bed bath, tub bath, partial/sponge bath
  • Grooming - Mouth care, hair care, combing and washing
  • Dressing - Morning and evening clothing preparation
  • Household Needs – Grocery shopping, organization, and seasonal chores
  • Cleaning – Dusting, vacuuming, and laundry
  • Meal Preparation – Prepare food for that day, or for the whole week
  • Accompaniment – To appointments, social events, and gatherings
  • Community – Errands, shopping, and trips
  • Outpatient Surgical Procedures – Post-procedure assistance and monitoring
  • Social Engagement – Conversation, crafts, game playing, and reading

As with all of our staff, live-ins are bonded, insured, and undergo a rigorous screening process and criminal background check prior to be placed within a client's home. Services and care plans are monitored routinely by our dedicated management staff to ensure client safety and well being. 


For more information and to speak with a local client services representative, please call:  203-466-3050


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