Assisted Living

Utopia Assisted Living Services provides nursing and personal care to individuals living in Managed Residential Communities (MRC) throughout Connecticut. We currently service multiple locations throughout the state. Our commitment to clients is evident through our continuity of care and strategic partnerships with property management groups which allows core competencies to be showcased to the people that matter most – those receiving services.  Utopia is one of the original licensed Assisted Living service providers in the state, servicing residents in MRCs for over 25 years!

Utopia Assisted Living Services shares in our philosophy to provide the highest quality services possible.

  • All clients are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Clients age in place, with familiar surroundings and routines, in the comfort of their own home.
  • Care is centered upon empowerment and preservation of independence of the individual client while receiving the highest level of personal care.

While each state licensing agency uses its own definition of assisted living, and every community is unique, Utopia's services are provided uniformly in terms of quality and with the common goal of keeping people living independently in their own homes.

We are always poised to expand our services to interested individuals, new MRCs and new locations around the country.