Annual Connecticut Staff Meeting, 2013

Utopia Home Care Connecticut Division Held their Annual Staff Meeting on Thursday, October 24th. CEO David Martinez, Administrator Todd Dawid, Marketing Director Brent Piepenbring, Director of Clinical Services Nancy Pratt, CT Director of Clinical Services Deb Johnson-Ceccolini, Office Manager Colette Emory and Administrator of Assisted Living Duane Pendziwater were on hand to reflect on the past year and share vision of the future for Utopia.

Testament to the teamwork and dedication of Utopia Connecticut, Todd noted that there has been an increase of over 1 million service hours since the last meeting held in 2011! The office consolidations executed this year positioned us well for industry changes.

Brent expounded on the benefits of blending our circles inside and outside of Utopia. When field and office staff alike refer friends and family, the Utopia family is strengthened and grows.

Aide of the Year and Servicer of the Year awards and gift checks were presented to honorees Sophia Sebastian of New London, Eva Newell of Bridgeport, Lisa Gary from Towers in New Haven and Elise Kyder. Each was recognized and spoke about their experiences as caregivers.

Numerous office staff were recognized as being part of the Utopia family for 15 years, since the beginning of the Connecticut venture in 1998.

Utopia values the dedication and attention to detail paid by all staff, both in the office and in the field. It is this commitment to excellence that allows us to live up to our claim, “Caring for you like family.”